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I guide decision makers and organisations in the development of processes, experiences, products & services using...


design research
service design
futures synthesis

Why create better outcomes and increase value for people, organisations & the future.

This is me

I'm a design thinker, with vast experience and passion for ethnography, innovation, consumer insights and futures synthesis  within a business focus. I work on freelance projects and through my company Precog.

In my personal life I'm passionate about travel, running and photography.

Design  Thinking 
Ethnography UX / 
User Research  Design documentary film making    Organisational change  Service Design

Futures Synthesis


I use design research to help organisations self-reflect, identify gaps in the market, and understand people, the insights help develop actionable recommendations that drives service design and futures synthesis to help build better experiences and improve decision making.

My Skills

My core areas of expertise are in Service Design and Research, particularly relating to a variety products and services in B2B (energy, retail, gaming, pharma, architecture, industrial) and B2C (retail, gaming, public sector, finance/banking) spaces.

Methodologies & tools I've used

UX & Usability Testing, Card Sorting, Customer Journeys, Persona Development, Wireframing, Focus Groups, Interviews, Vox Pops, Ethnography, Photography & Videography, Video Editing, Research documentaries & videos, Research Management, Cultural Analysis, Communication strategy, Questionnaire design, Service design tools, futures synthesis.


I have recently completed a Future Studies and Speculative design certificate through Parsons School of Design and have completed several courses through my career. Apart from that I have a degree in Marketing & Communication.

Clients &


A small selection of projects I've worked on.


Recent Blog Posts

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