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London / Global

Consulting Role

Lead Design Researcher

Project Type



The project was initiated by a joint venture with BCG Digital Ventures, which Shell subsequently undertook management of. The initial concept was to explore the marine industry and uncover opportunities to make a difference using digital technologies. The key focus was the processes in gathering, processing, and sharing of data that is generated on board sea going vessels.


The Challenge was to focus on the gap and create a scalable, commercially viable solution in this tightly controlled industry (by both regulators and stakeholders)

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1st concept: simplify a repetitive task that is prone to errors dur to manual data entry and transposition.


App built for a tablet device, used to send Noon reports to stakeholders who manage the vessel.


Considerations: Current workflow, recipients of information, safety, technology available on board


  • Ethnographic research conducted on board 2 vessels

  • Understand processes on board vessels

  • Understand roles of the crew

  • On-shore interviews with:

    • Fleet managers

    • Technical ship managers

    • Fleet owners

  • Participatory design workshops

  • Connecting the source and receipt of information with off and onshore workers


  • Realised and delivered ventures key values

    • Through research​

    • Presentation to key senior stakeholders

  • Sailmetrix name generation

    • Workshops

  • Sailmetrix promotional video

    • Based off research and additional interviews

    • Filmed, edited and distributed internally & externally

  • Persona creation

    • Alongside UX designer

  • User/information journey flows

  • Usability testing

    • Developing a prototype app used on vessels

  • Live prototypes developed

    • Analytics & usability analysis

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